Frequency Fanatics

Africa's Premier RigExpert Supplier
At Frequency Fanatics, we provide advanced RigExpert equipment tailored to a wide range of industries,
from marine and aerospace to communication service providers across Africa.
Our solutions cater to applications between 60 kHz and 3 GHz, ensuring top performance and reliability.


Industries We Serve

We offer tailored solutions across sectors. Frequency Fanatics isn't just a supplier; we are your strategic partner. Whether you're in marine, aerospace, or terrestrial communication, our products ensure optimal functionality and compliance with industry standards.



Our product line offers a diverse array of advanced testing and maintenance solutions tailored to different industries. From maritime radio maintenance tools to reliable equipment for aerospace applications, we meet varied needs. We also enhance communication services for providers working with VHF/UHF and HF frequencies, alongside providing precision devices for amateur radio enthusiasts.


Why Choose Us?

Since 2023, as the authorized RigExpert dealers in South Africa, Frequency Fanatics has been synonymous with quality and reliability. Our expert team offers customized solutions, comprehensive support, and competitive pricing to meet the specific needs of diverse industries.

Our RigExpert Products

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